About MHC

New Forest

Moira Hankinson is a leading landscape practitioner who set up her company Moira Hankinson  to focus on her particular expertise of landscape expert witness to planning inquiries, landscape advice to major developments and landscape and visual assessment. Projects include housing, employment, open space, minerals and waste management and infrastructure schemes, working for landowners, developers and public authorities throughout Britain.

Landscape advice: Moira applies an honest and positive approach to landscape aspects of potential development. This includes advising on alternative sites, identifying site opportunities that can allow for a real sense of place to be created, or whether site constraints might limit, or preclude, development.


Landscape expert witness: Moira Hankinson is an acknowledged landscape expert witness to planning inquiries. This has involved both projects with pre-application involvement and those where Moira has joined the team at appeal stage. Where necessary, advice has included changes to the design to achieve greater compliance with policy objectives. Successes at appeal include the new Dorney Rowing Lake, 2.4km long, with a substantial boathouse and hardstandings, within the Green Belt. The Lake is now a major recreational resource and the site for the 2012 Olympic rowing and canoeing events.

Expert witness work also includes representations on Development Plan Documents, including Core Strategies, Minerals and Waste, Supplementary Planning Documents and evidence to Examinations in Public.

Landscape and visual assessment: Early assessment ensures that projects are designed so as to relate well to the local landscape and minimize potential effects. This includes taking account of the value of existing features such as trees and hedgerows; identifying local landscape character and relating project design to that character as far as is reasonable; and considering likely views of the development, in the context of what already exists.

Multi-disciplinary teams: Moira's many years of working with some of the best professionals has given her a thorough understanding of the likely technical requirements of matters such as transportation, ecology, hydrology, arboriculture, archaeology and the evolving planning system.